28 Cork Street

Wilfrid de Glehn 2017

26th Apr 2017 - 26th May 2017

A painter of landscapes, figure subjects and portraits, Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn was one of England’s leading Impressionists, recognised for his direct, painterly style, vibrant colour and ability to capture sparkling, sensual light effects.

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28 Cork Street

Kurt Jackson 2017

31st May 2017 - 23rd Jun 2017

"My studios are mainly in the fields around our small holding here on the edge of the Penwith moors but one small fisherman’s hut I have the use of, sits at the waters edge in a nearby cove with the doorway looking along the cliffs to Lands End. This is my most frequent stamping ground when tackling the coast as a subject for making work."

- Kurt Jackson

(from the intro to the catalogue, with a foreword by Charlotte Mullins)

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Lord's Wood

Nicolas Moreton

10th Jun 2017 - 11th Jun 2017


This is sculpture at its purest, material shaped (or fined down) into an expressive shape which evokes much but refuses to be explicit as to what precisely it is meant to express. Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears? Quite possibly. But also possibly thoughts that fly too high for laughter. In many ways the complexity of response is the point of the exercise. The most effective kind of aesthetic response is one of which we are fully conscious, while largely unconscious of how and why it is evoked. For such a response Moreton is, in his generation, the complete master.

John Russell Taylor

Writer and art critic

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