Lord's Wood

The Studio - Winter 2016

14th Nov 2016 - 24th Mar 2017

The Studio Winter 2016 Exhibition is on view at The Studio, Lord's Wood, Marlow, SL7 2QS

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - please telephone 01628 486565

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28 Cork Street

Maxwell Doig 2017

15th Feb 2017 - 10th Mar 2017

Maxwell Doig trained at the Slade and studied anatomy at University College, London before developing his distinct mixed-media technique at the Hochschule der Kunst, Berlin. Balanced between romance and objectivity his paintings go beneath structural surfaces to hint at each building’s inner life.

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28 Cork Street

Jake Attree 2017

21st Feb 2017 - 10th Mar 2017

Attree talks about an “inevitability” in his work, as if, over time, the correct balance of form, texture and compositional structure will eventually emerge, the layers of paint worked on over and over again until the piece reaches its inherent conclusion. Attree’s exhibition shows an artist with a sense of time, history and place that is linked intrinsically with his birthplace, and yet, aspires to connect universally.

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David Blackburn 2017

22nd Feb 2017 - 10th Mar 2017

Blackburn sees the great tradition of British painting as being split between two main approaches, as exemplified by Constable and Turner. Constable is the painter of the intimate and unnoticed, Turner the creator of grand visions; Blackburn views his role as in some way uniting these two impulses. Although, in formal terms, he is fundamentally concerned with metamorphosis, and with creating multiple layers of meaning in his work, he is also involved with painting the mundane (trees or rocks), and imbuing it with a sense of the sublime.

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28 Cork Street

Guy Taplin 2017

15th Mar 2017 - 21st Apr 2017

Guy’s great skill is that his work doesn’t tell you everything. The confidence of his modelling, the elegance of line, the capture of movement goes so far and then lets you do the rest.

Michael Palin

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28 Cork Street

James Dodds 2017

29th Mar 2017 - 21st Apr 2017

James Dodds is an artist much concerned with the tensions and alliances between the trinity of head, heart and hand.

His portrayals of boats allow the viewer to appreciate both the time distortion and the detail of a boat’s complexities as the symbolic and the real are fused together.

taken from the catalogue foreword by

A. L. Kennedy

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